Psychic Readings

If we live within ourselves we become lovers of life. -it just popped in my head!

Ever since I was a little kid I could just space out and tune in. It was by doing this I was always able to know everything was going to be ok.

As an adult I became aware of what I was tapping into. It was a space that gave me all of the peaceful and positive answers. It is what gave me permission to move forward in situations where the outcomes may not have looked so positive. If the answers were not peaceful and positive the words were always gentle and explanatory. It is a space of miracles. Simple miracles. But I do not do miracle work, I simply open the door to the space and facilitate you doing your own miracle work and manifesting.

Our session can take place in person, through a phone or online conversation. It’s great if you have some questions in mind before a reading. I generally don’t rely on tarot or angel cards as the messages I’m meant to share with you start rushing rather quickly to my mind. The session will focus on relaying messages from your spirit team to guide you on your life’s journey.  While I don’t practice mediumship for those who have passed recently, if they reach out to me in a reading, I’ll gladly deliver a message. If they don’t reach out, I can assure you they are happily watching over you and by your side. You can expect to end the session with new insights on questions of personal concern or wisdom on how to live your best life at the moment.


30 Minute Distance Reading$105.00
One Hour Distance Reading$200.00
30 Minute In-Person Reading$120.00
One Hour In-Person Reading$200.00
One Hour In-Person Travel$220.00 plus $1.00/mi