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About our Program

At The Equimist we utilize whatever tools are necessary to allow the horse to have a long, grounded, happy, and vivacious life with their owners. We pride ourselves in the quality of care we provide both owner and equine. Upon completion of our in house program, there will be the option to maintain a membership to have access for answering any continued training issues that may arise throughout your journey. Here at The Equimist we acknowledge and recognize that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Please take the time to realize that we are a spiritual and wellness based organization. We recognize that the journey you have with a horse is one of deep reflection and Enlightenment about yourself and the world around you. We honor that different horses are meant to teach you different things, therefore buying and selling horses does occur. We will work hard to make sure that the upmost respect for the animal goes into every avenue we travel. Whether it be racing, competing, starting, re-training, recreational, or otherwise. We love our horses!

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens.
Jodie Mitchell


We will be taking a limited number of horses for training, starting, re-training, and tuning up. At the moment we are looking for a place to really call home base. So as we work out of boarding farms space please pay attention to our Facebook page as we make updates on openings. Training rates vary depending on location and the cost of their full board. This cost includes full service board and training. Prices can range anywhere from $1230/mo. to $2300/mo.

*More details to come. Defining limits on this will be made available before horses will be accepted.


We are very excited to be offering lessons in basic beginner horsemanship for all ages. We will be incorporating mindfulness into all aspects of our horsemanship. In order to maintain our quality and integrity, we will begin offering private lessons only for those who do not own their own horse.

$120 for 30 min. Private Lesson

$230 for 1 hr. Private Lesson

Private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group lessons will be available to those whom already own their own horses. They will accommodate where ever the horse and rider are when they show up that day. Whether that be ready to school Grand Prix or groom your horse. Jenna is always welcoming to meet the moment exactly how it is and help you build from there. It is through Jenna’s understanding of connection, a meticulous eye for detail, and a deep understanding of bio-mechanics that she is able to tune in and help riders of all levels. However, she loves working with whom ever is put in her path.


Our Equimist Jenna, is looking forward to putting on a series of clinics every year to promote whatever topic may be living on her heart at the time. It is through our hearts that we are able to get the most out of ourselves and the most out of our horses. The best horsemen know that it is through mind, body, and spirit that a pair can come together to reach their dreams. Please look below at a list of topics that may be interesting to your program.

Colt Starting, In Hand work, Ground Work, Fundamentals of Horsemanship, Building Confidence, Opening your Heart, Ground Driving, Long Lining, Green Horses, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Riding, Showmanship

At The Equimist we believe if we can dream it we can do it, so all topics and ideas are welcome!

If you are interested in hosting a clinic by Jenna, please contact us at


As we grow our business, Jenna feels it is important to remember the roots that she loves so much. There is no better feeling than being a groom and watching the horses that you love and care for go out and perform their best. Not a soul is ever too big to take care of ones partner, but sometimes a little help is nice💎 Energy Work is included in all grooming activities. Chakra balancing yarn can be included upon owners decision.

Banding- $100/Mane



Body Clipping-$255/Horse

Other Equine Services

We would like to offer several other services for your consideration:

Energy and Empathic Training Rides: $333 to come to you, price may vary based on degree of trauma.

**Prices may vary with travel.

Sale Horses: Keep an eye on our Facebook Page as we make slots available for horses for sale. The facilitation of any sale is subject to a 12% commission fee.

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