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Created for those customers that are truly dedicated to the sport and want consistency for their partners. The Equimist Evolution contract allows you to build a package that meets the needs of your year in the sport. We have developed a unique mix of animal communication, life coaching, training, and motivational work that will have you and your equine partners dancing all the way to the winners circle!

If this is something that interests you and your farm, please email us at or call us at (440)915-4290

A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart, And wins with his character.

Equimist Evolution Services


Phone Calls:

Local Farm Visits:

Venting with Voxer:

On-site Full Immersion :

In order to create your custom Equimist Evolution Year, please enjoy using our customizable chart to get an idea of what you are looking for. **Please place the letter that corresponds with the service you would like to have each month.  It does not have to be consistent throughout the year.  This leaves room for doing monthly readings some months, daily’s others, farm visits, etc.  So that the package may fluctuate with your busy seasons.

***Discounts are available for those booking multiple services with multiple horses.

Option CodesServiceMonthly Price
1ADaily Check-Ins$240/Horse
1BWeekly Check-Ins$160/Horse
1CBi-Weekly Check-Ins$120/Horse
1DMonthly Check-Ins$88/Horse
2A2x Weekly 2 Hr. Phone Calls$2,500
2BWeekly 2 Hr. Phone Calls$1,200
2CBi-Weekly 2 Hr. Phone Calls$700
2DMonthly 2 Hr. Phone Calls$350
3A2x Weekly Local Farm Visits (1Hr. Visit)$2,400
3BWeekly Local Farm Visits (3 Hr. Visit)$2,200
3CBi-Weekly Local Farm Visits (3 Hr. Visit)$1,100
3DMonthly Local Farm Visits (5 Hr. Visit)$750
4Venting through Voxer$330
Option CodeYearly Full Immersion OptionsPer Session
5A3-day On-site Full Immersion, Quarterly$3,600/session
5B5-day On-site Full Immersion, Quarterly$5,500/session
5C7-day On-site Full Immersion, Quarterly$8,300/session
5D3-day On-site Full Immersion, Semi Annually$4,000/session
5E5-day On-site Full Immersion, Semi Annually$6,500/session
5F7-day On-site Full Immersion, Semi Annually$9,500/session
5G3-day On-site Full Immersion, Yearly$5,000/session
5H5-day On-site Full Immersion, Yearly$7,500/session
5I7-day On-site Full Immersion, Yearly$10,000/session
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