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About Equichata

As a life long horseman out of riding for the last 5 years due to a pelvic injury. It has been a long and uphill battle regaining my center, balance, and confidence in the saddle. Relearning to ground, breathe, and keep my balance became exponentially easier once I started learning Bachata with my friend Michael Barnes of Saba Dance in Cincinnati. While Salsa is fun and exciting, Bachata re-instilled the rhythm for me that is even, balanced, passionate, and desirable for riding.

I work hard everyday to be a better rider and athlete. But riding through the winter months has been hard. As I danced my way through winter, and had my first ride back, my riding was the best it has ever been in my entire life. And I rode professionally! Regaining my center through dance was a safe way to trial and error my way through what my body is capable of in the now. This inspired Equichata, along with Michael’s patience, kindness, and passion for dance as an instructor. We all go through things in our bodies, sometimes it is nice to have an avenue for growth that will help us get back to doing the things we love faster and without relapse. Aka, riding!

While Equichata is designed for all riders of all skillsets do not feel like you have to get on a horse to get in on the fun. We are incredibly trauma/injury conscious so please feel free to join in , even if you can’t or no longer desire to ride. The bachata basic footwork is very simple.

Our workshops are designed to be a 4 hour events with the options of animal communication sessions before the workshop or additional private/small group dance instruction before or after the event. The event is broke down into 4 sections beginning with understanding the basics of equine communication, grounding, and the fundamentals of Bachata. Followed by learning to understand the lead and follow aspects of a partnership. Then we will go through a series of sequences where all participants will get the opportunity to grow their practice as a lead and follow, as well as ask any questions they would like answered. After that we dance! Partners will have the opportunity to dance to music and learn to follow the rhythm of the songs.

Now your wondering, do I have to be good? No not at all. You don’t have to be wiggly, loose, strong, or any of those things. This is all about being comfortable with you and where you are. I have only been dancing for just under 5 months. Which is why I get to teach you about animal communication, intuitive listening, horsemanship, and how bachata can help us improve these categories. Michael is going to teach us about dance and how to dance. I am grateful everyday that his friendship led me to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Now we get to share all those good feelings with you!

A little about Michael Barnes

“What drew me to dance is that it is a fun, energetic way to connect with people. It helps us keep in shape, gives us means to compete and grow, and does this in a way that is easily enjoyable. The aspects of dance I focus on are connection, fun, and rhythm. I have loved horses since an early age and was delighted to find out that the skills I have honed for dancing provide another way for riders to connect too.”

Michael Barnes

Workshop Fees (please inquire to negotiate your contract)

Booking Fee:$200.00

Local Pricing (Central Ky/Southern Ohio)

  • $250/person for groups of 6 or less.
  • $210/person for 6-10
  • $180/person for 10 – 20
  • $120/person for 20-50
  • $75-100/person for 50+
  • 14 and under young people are free with 20+persons
  • $40 ~14 and under young people fee of groups of less than 20 people

        *************14-23 25% off student discount (scholarships available with application due 1 week prior to date of event)

Please inquire for scholarship applications.

Regional/National Pricing

Contract includes rates for travel fees, accommodations, and/or event planning.

Cancellation Policy

If the client chooses to cancel within 2 weeks for any reason they will forfeit the booking fee and there will be a canceled class fee of $750 . For more details please inquire for a booking contract.

Venue Requirements

Teaching space to be provided by the client with Equichata approval. Equichata will find a space for an additional $400 fee plus the cost of the event space. There needs enough space to accommodate group size. Can be outdoors weather permitting, with sheltered backup. ~8-12 sq ft/person. If arena footing, must be drug immediately before workshops begin or undisturbed. Preferred flooring is wooden laminate, wood, smooth concrete. Arena flooring or grass are acceptable. We would recommend smooth bottomed shoes/boots (boots for arena floors) for the workshops.

Sound Requirements

For events larger than 20 people, the client will provide sound equipment ( microphones, speakers, and connection to them). Or for $100 fee plus the cost of equipment, it can be booked by Equichata. Local wedding directories are great ways to find sound equipment.

This workshop is designed for riders who are interested in improving their horsemanship skills, developing a deeper connection with their horse, developing their skills as follow in a safe environment, while becoming a  better and more reliable leader. The course focuses on the practice of grounding, mind/body connection, being present, and connecting with partners (equine and human) while practicing proper boundaries. Our goals are to improve communication, connection, to themselves and their partners, balance, coordination, and the emotional control to enjoy themselves through Bachata dance.

The course begins by introducing the basic principles of grounding, the importance of feeling the ground through our feet, energetic biomechanics of our bodies and the horse, boundaries that support our goals, and understanding the feelings our bodies are sending us.

Throughout the course we will use dance through the style of bachata to improve rhythm, timing,  coordination, and connection to our partners in a more forgiving situation. Participants will learn how to apply these principles to horse riding, with a focus on leadership and being an authentic follower, while developing a more harmonious relationship with their horse.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in a variety of exercises and activities designed to improve their riding skills, including:

  • Grounding and Energetic Biomechanics
    • When, How, and Why we do it.
  • Boundaries
    • With Ourselves
      • Understanding what we need to stay healthy.
    • With our Horses
      • Protecting your body
      • Understanding your horses boundaries
  • Protecting your bodies and space as partners in dance and life.
  • Bachata Basics and Footwork
  • Communication as a leader.
  • Understanding rhythm as a follow.
  • Practice through Dance!
    • Practice 3 sequences as both a leader and follower.

In addition to the practical exercises, the course will also cover topics such as horse psychology, communication, and biomechanics, to help participants better understand their horse and improve their overall horsemanship skills from an animal communicator’s perspective.

By the end of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of how being a solid leader can improve your horse’s confidence, while being an allowing follower can build their confidence and self esteem. Understanding that in the best partnership, trust and reliability goes both ways. Almost like a switch dance! Or exactly like!

To schedule your event please reach out to Jenna at (440)915-4290 or at TheEquimist@gmail.com or Michael Barnes at (502)650-7308 or at SaBaDanceCVG@gmail.com

Like and Follow us on Facebook at @TheEquimist and @SabaDance or Instagram @TheEquimist and @SabaDanceCVG