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Welcome to my Practice

**A work in progress, but it gives you the essentials. Please read completely if your intention is participating.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in learning how to deepen your connection with yourself, your pets, and/or how you experience the world. Everything packed into these classes is designed to calm the mind, walk or feel into your body, and create a more positive experience in  our time here on Earth.  The place we created to play and learn from.

Our animals show up as cooperative components to teach us unconditional love, acceptance, peace, and confidence through sensitivity.  Now you might be saying, “Well mine doesn’t exactly show that side of themselves to me.”  Then it is for you that I have created this class.  On the outside it may look as if they have anxiety, less than desirable behaviors, etc. On the inside they are saying, “Hey mom/dad/human, LISTEN!”  So what are we going to do? We are going to learn and get better at listening from the inside, to better understand their inner voices. And honestly we could all be better listeners, even for myself it is a constant practice.

Once I understood exactly how to teach about the animals. Other ideas just came flying in.  It was like, well if they want to learn that then they should know this, one after the other.  So I took those ideas and broke them down into a couple other classes. All evolving off of each other in a 1, 2, 3 and so on format.  I personally do not care if they evolve into a class 99!  

One of the most important things on this planet I believe are boundaries. Boundaries with yourself, your loved ones, strangers, and for me the most important of all of them is telepathic and psychic boundaries. As a highly sensitive, intuitive, empath I cannot function in this world without working on the psychic end of my boundaries. I would literally sleep all day everyday.  So for all of my fellow neurodivergents, this class will be very helpful. Even if you do not see yourself that way, it would be good for you too. We all have a psychic bubble to protect. 

Then we have my Growing your Intuitive Practice Class, in this class we will be covering a lot of the same things we will cover in Animal Communication 1, 2, and 3.  Except instead of communicating with animals, we will be communicating with our higher selves, spirit guides, angels, and loved ones.  Learning how to tune in and listen for their responses using different methods of receiving. There will be slight differences in how it is taught, and may actually give you a deeper understanding of all things you are feeling. So if you are interested in doing both sections, we can take into account what you have already learned and grow from it in a positive way.

Everyone is intuitive, everyone is psychic.  It is not particularly special.  It is inside of us all. It is all about growing, nourishing, and connecting to that side of ourselves that allows us to experience and ground into play without ourselves getting in the way.  That is why I am creating this safe space to learn and play.  I am excited to meet, learn, and experience everyone.

And remember, even boundaries can be play!


Price Sheet

Animal Communication Single Class $300.00

Animal Communication 1, 2, and 3 $750.00

Boundaries Class $240.00

Growing your Intuitive Practice Single Class $300.00

Growing your Intuitive Practice 1, 2, and 3 $750.00

All 7 Classes $1200.00

The real Equimist “Marvin”

Discounts, Deals, and Promotions

*First class promotion- Be the first group to take any course, complete a questionnaire and receive a $100 coupon for any of my other services.  

*If you are under the age of 23, with proof. Please take  $150.00 off any single class or take all 7 classes for $450.00

*Existing Clients, if you have had one reading with me please enjoy $50 off any of my classes.  If you have had more than 2 readings with me please enjoy $100 off any of my classes. 

*If you refer a friend, please enjoy a $23 discount.

*Discounts may be used in combination.

A special thanks to everyone who has supported me along this journey. We are all capable of unique and authentic magic!

Payments accepted via (in order of preference):

Venmo: @TheEquimist or @Jenna-McGrath-21 if you can’t find the first.

CashApp: @TheEquimist

Credit Card: (you’ll have to call me, and there is a 3% service fee)


Check by mail: The Equimist LLC (must be received before date of the class)

Dates and other Information

*** I will be offering dates 2-3x a month, so if you do buy all the classes there will be plenty to choose from.

Animal Communication 1 Sunday:         1/23/2022, 1/30/2022

Boundaries for Beginners Monday:        1/24/2022,1/31/2022

Growing your Intuitive Practice 1 Wednesday:  1/26/2022, 2/2/2022

**I will only be taking  5 students per class the first round to see how the experience is. It is very important to me that we keep it intimate enough that everyone feels connected and nobody is just watching incredibly confused.

Once you are ready to join please shoot me a text and I will send you my intake questionnaire and liability form. Yes, it’s a gift. No, I am not a doctor or any form of medical professional. Or psychologist or….. 

Once payment is received I will be sending you a packet of information for you to have on class day including a syllabus so you can relax into your journey.  Classes will be completed via zoom, I will send you a link asap until I get it set up through the website. Classes are expected to be no more than 2 hours. Please take part in the exit survey. Something I really want to know is whether that is too much information in that amount of time or we could go longer. 

If you have any other questions please email me at

I like to save my texts so people can book, and we can do quick things.

Have a beautiful day! And always before these sorts of things drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and be ready to play!

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