Animal Communication, Interpretation, and Energy Balancing

Since Jenna was a young child she was aware that there was more to the world than what everyone seemed to recognize. It was not until recently that she had the honor to realize that this extra ability of hearing and recognizing things others didn’t was a gift. Jenna was always able to hear the animals. She just always thought everyone else did too! Now that she is aware that this is a skill that can be utilized for the betterment of others and their animals, she is very proud to offer her ability to those who seek to utilize it.

“Fine take the picture.”-Mason

As I have done more and more readings, I am consistently amazed at all the things animals think , worry about, and their astounding brilliance. The part that is truly special is the release that happens once they get all of the things off their chest. Allowing them space to be open and honest with us creates this incredible feeling of euphoria and bliss. It feels like they can go on and live their lives like we assume they do, foot loose and care free! So, as I have been able to do this more regularly, the more I see its value for everyone involved. Please feel free to bring your most open and honest, thoughts and concerns. I come at this completely openly, honestly, humbly, and with a good sense of humor. Every phone call is an absolutely enjoyable experience.

Jenna really enjoys doing in person readings the most, and especially on horses. She enjoys it the most because she can become aware of things that maybe the animal isn’t discussing or it does not come up with the questions that are asked.

*Energy Balancing work is included in all situations. The more animals I have done, the more I realize it is unavoidable.

We offer distant readings which are as equally as helpful. This can be done via phone. Having your questions ready in advance will only help you get the most out of our time together. The questions may change and evolve based on the answers you receive. We ask that you keep about a selection of 5 questions to go through for a 30 min. session. Please provide a photo (it does not have to necessarily be recent) and a name at least 12 hours prior to the phone call. It allows me to check in and make sure they are open and willing to communicate, as well as aware of what will take place when we chat.

Intuitive ServicesLength of ServicePrice
Distance Animal Communication: up to 2 animals30 Minutes$100
Distance Animal Communication: up to 4 animals1 Hour$200
In-Person Animal Communication: within a 55 mile radius of Frankfort, Ky1 Hour$350
In-Person Animal Communication: within a 55 mile radius of Frankfort, Ky2 Hours$450
In-Person Animal Communication: within a 55 mile radius of Frankfort, Ky3 Hours$600