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Animal Communication Pricing and Scheduling Information

Jenna’s passion and desire is to help animals and their families live their best lives.

What you need to schedule.

***Jenna is in Eastern Standard Time!


Jenna is not a veterinarian and readings do not replace quality veterinary care. They however are a great supplement. 
Jenna puts a strong emphasis on ethics, quality, and integrity in all of her animal communication sessions. Maintaining quality connections with the animals she reads serves both the animal and the owner in the long run. In order to maintain integrity in the psychic realm and healing space Jenna works very hard to only share the information that is 100% meant for you. Pushing too hard is not good for the animal client or you! The language they choose is meant for you. This goes for her personal readings as well. 

Jenna always begins each call with no agenda.   She opens up with love through authentic connection, only desiring to receive what the animal would like you to know or share. It is a 3-way phone call with your animal. They are live and available. That being said, every animal is different. Some are more complex and deep, some are more simple and 3rd dimensional. The way they experience life is different from us. Almost more comparable to someone with autism. They feel deeply but are more analytical about those deep feelings. An example being, if they experience deep fear, because of their ability to be analytical they can look at their behavior and change it through powerful inner work quickly.
It is a unique balance to take the information the owner wants to know and relay it in a way that the animal feels safe communicating the answers back to them. Whether it be an abuse/neglect case, an animal that has been passed around or abandoned, even one with a healthy attachment style. They all have little intricacies, quirks, and boundaries to work through to feel safe communicating. While in the appointment, you may never know any of this is going on. Please trust the flow. In the long run, they will share what they are willing to share regardless of what we want. It is their life, they are entitled to their privacy. 

Jenna is not responsible for fishing information out of them they are not ready to share. 

If you desire certain answers to personal and sensitive questions please book Jenna’s hour-long appointment and communicate what we will be looking for ahead of time. Please allow for three days before your appointment. 

  1. Please text us. (440)915-4290
  2. One or more photos. One must include a headshot. But send whatever you would like otherwise. Pick their favorites.
  3. Your full name, best phone number to reach you, your email, and how you found us/who was your reference.
  4. Their names, ages, and genders. Also if they are living or deceased.
  5. A list of best days/times of day to pick from.
  6. Payment via Venmo (@jenna-mcgrath-21),Paypal (, Cashapp (@theequimist), or credit card (over phone). Payments are due at time of scheduling and are non-refundable. However, appointments may be rescheduled if necessary at no expense and no expiration.
  7. We will call you at our scheduled time. Please be prepared to take notes. Or your are more than welcome to record the session.
  8. Drink a lot of water, it makes the call go more smoothly.

2023 Price Sheet

Distance Animal Communication Sessions

***Young person/student discounts available. We’ve been there.

Client Appreciation Rates

30 minute Chat (Have had 3+ readings) $55.00

One Hour Chat (Have had 3+ readings) $105.00

Second and Third Readings Receive a $20 discount

30 Minute Distance Animal Communication Session $120.00

A light hearted chat to make sure that everything is working out, and the level of happiness is there and on point. This is designed for one animal. They are great for our light competition animals and loving best friends that live in the home.

45 Minute Distance Animal Communication Session $175.00

This is a great reading for when there is a little heavy lifting to accomplish. This is what I would consider a maintenance session in animal “therapy”. So great for our competition animals or are dealing with something on the pain scale relative to a level 3 physically, mentally, emotionally. Something not serious enough to require a ton of follow up. Unless you want there to be.

One Hour Distance Animal Communication Session $250.00

This is a great reading for if you had a pretty tough nugget. Something that has fairly been through the ringer physically, mentally, emotionally. Great for rescues, hard working competition horses, ottbs, or the animal that really needs the “therapist”. Or if you are really fine tuning your program. This is also for those tough personal questions that they may not open up about quickly. Think, “Would I share this information with a kind stranger?” This is also the multi pet reading. up to 3 animals.

Therapeutic Distance Animal Communication Session $350.00

These again are for your rescues. Anything experiencing a level 8-11 on the pain scale. These sessions will consist of 2, 30 minute sessions. One on the front side starting the work and one on the back side. Generally approximately 12 days apart, up to one month. Lower level follow up sessions are encouraged over the course of the year, but not required.

The “when you know there is some stuff” Distance Animal Communication Session  $650.00

This is for the tough ones. The ones where there is serious consideration into not going forward, whether it be sale, rehoming, or otherwise. We will be honest, these are not simple and generally have something on the pain scale physically, mentally, or emotionally ranking a 12. The initial phone call is 30 minutes. Followed by a mandatory 3 total follow up calls over the course of 30-60, up to 90 days depending on the animal’s timeline.  With a goal of having a plan to follow to make them comfortable for the remainder of their lives.

General Check Ins $55.00

These are for our regular reading graduates.  One regular reading is required prior, and must be approved by us. This is a quick 15-20 minute check in to make sure everyone is happy and content.

Written Super Quick Texting Check In $23.00

A quick and to the point answer to a simple question. One regular reading is required.

Their Top 3 Thoughts $30.00

The top three things that they are thinking about.

Horse Show Special $100.00

If you see us at a horse show. A quick overview on what you can do to make the most of your horse show. This is designed for horses with minor issues. We will let you know if they are a candidate for more, or if this type of reading works for you. Light energy work happily given.

Rainbow Readings (30 min.) $125.00

Losing a pet is like losing a best friend or worse. Letting go of our friends is hard. Letting go of our soulmates, even harder. Whether you would like to connect with a pet that has already transitioned or have to make arrangements for an animal to transition. Please reach out. There is something so special about making the most of your pets’ last moments. For some it is important to be heard. In your heart you know if that is for them, at that time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, our prayers are with you for that day. 

Full Distance Work-Ups $850.00

A full written write up of everything your horse has stored in its body, from their perspective. Imbalances, lameness, emotion. This is designed to be your right hand reference for vets, farriers, chiropractors, you name it. Get the most out of your team members by knowing exactly what is going on inside of them, so they can feel their best and you guys can live your best lives. Inquire for the turn around on receiving yours. 

In Person Sessions

Reading “Level” still applies. Prior to organizing, we will evaluate each animal to see which kind of reading is possible.  While trying to stay within the most efficient price point, some animals are more complicated than others. If there is a budget you would like to stay within, let us know and we will try to customize the reading to the price point. Readings can range between $120 and $1,000/day.  The difference in what we accomplish in these is very different, and quite magical.

For local In-Person sessions there is a $150 fee that can be split between pet owners. 

For In-Person readings outside of a 50 mi radius of Cincinnati, OH, but not an overnight stay, there is a 12 normal pet minimum. Please inquire for a group reading/travel contract. 

For In-Person readings that require an overnight stay or clinic type situations please inquire. Regular rates apply, plus travel and accommodations.

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