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Jenna Mayer, Animal Communicator, Psychic Intuitive, Reiki Master, Horse Trainer

“Providing you with healing messages or energy is my gift to you. Moving forward with grace, joy, and ease is your gift to the universe.”

A little background about me…

Translating Universal wisdom into messages of healing is my personal gift. It’s similar to possessing musical talent or being mechanically inclined, for example. It’s an ability I can recall from early childhood. As with any gift, it’s honed and improved through practice and learning. And, as often happens, this gift or ability runs in families. My mother and grandmother were also highly intuitive.

My passion and experience with horses taught me to tune into a place of single focus, and discover a meditative practice where peace and healing reside. It’s in this place, somewhere beyond our everyday consciousness, a place of vast, infinite, and deep knowing, that angels and guides can assist, comfort, and uplift humans. My belief is that you, too, can access this great wisdom and probably already do. It’s a matter of trusting and joyfully receiving just like an answer to a prayer. 

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