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What is an Equimist?

An Equimist is a mixture of an equestrian professional, an alchemist, and a unicorn.  They follow their own personal legend to fulfill the desires of the soul of the world, via their Spiritual and equestrian gifts.  Through following the guidance of God, with the passion of their heart, while listening to the words from the source within us, they are able to bring light to the world one experience at a time. Usually with horses, but we do not limit ourselves💖

A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart, And wins with his character.

What is a Unicorn?

What does it mean to be a Unicorn? One thing I can tell you, it does not happen overnight. It comes from dedication, perseverance, unbearable pain, ferocious passion, incredible forgiveness, and an overwhelming amount of compassion for whatever crosses your path. It’s the fearlessness to take on things that are truly terrifying, and being humble enough to honor the things truly greater than oneself. It continuing to take a hard look at your self, and making sure that you are in alignment with ourselves. As a unicorn knows, when you are in alignment with your true and most authentic self, anything is possible. The fastest track to becoming one you ask? Become a professional horseman. I was once a professional horseman, now I am a Unicorn. Many, many miracles are born in the barn🦄💎✨

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.
Sharon Ralls Lemon

A Little about the Founder and Owner Jenna Mayer

Jenna (McGrath) Mayer was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, in a suburb of Cleveland, named Strongsville. Her parents divorced at a young age. With her mother having to work a full time job, she hired a nanny that would introduce her to horses. It was through horses that she was able to really feel the presence of things truly bigger than herself.

It wasn’t long after the “I want lessons” phase turned into the “I want to lease the pony” phase turned into the “I want a horse” phase. Riding at a local barn near her home, she was blessed with a trainer that gave a very solid foundation both on and off of the horse. Jenna’s parents gave in and bought her first horse at the age of 12. He was a 3 year old American Paint horse that had just been re-purposed from the race track, as he was not very fast. His name was War Chiefs Treasure. Jenna learned to ride him with the help of her trainer. He was quite the piece of work, but they grew together. So well, in fact they won Reserve Champion in the Ohio Paint Horse Club for the year in 14-18 Hunter Under Saddle and Senior Hunter Under Saddle. It was her first year showing in the 14-18 Division, as well as being very competitive in the Senior (for horses 5 and older) against professional riders. Unfortunately after that successful season Chief suffered an injury that would no longer make him suitable as a show horse.

After Chief was injured, the barn has switched focus away from Paint Horses to Appaloosas. It only took one look at a VHS of a beautiful blood bay located in Florida to know that her next horse would be named Devon. Devon is a 2001 Appaloosa mare by a very nice and well know stallion named The Hunter. Devon’s momma was a thoroughbred by the name Real Waki. Devon is Jenna’s life horse and is still with her today at the age of 20. She is an integral part and a large inspiration for the start of The Equimist. Devon tolerated Jenna through those horrible teen years earning her many awards in several open circuits and in the Appaloosa circuit locally, regionally, and nationally. Devon took Jenna through a Queens competition earning the high scores in Horsemanship and Showmanship. It was through Devon’s kindness and understanding that shaped Jenna’s character. She was not able to win Queen, but she was able to be named Miss Congeniality.

This moment is being mentioned because it largely speaks to what Jenna really, really wants in this world. That is for everyone to have their best possible chance for success. To rally the team and remind them to not give up. That doing the hard inner work does pay off in the long run. It is not easy but there is something to be said for seeing it through. Horses really and truly have a way of showing us the real and uncensored version of ourselves. Each in their own way, and each to a different degree or purpose. Sometimes it can be very humbling to look in the mirror. They will however show you the most important thing when you are making that journey, unconditional love. Devon still does that for Jenna till this day, and very soon for some of you as well.

At Strongsville High School, they offered a program where you could take college classes in place of high school classes for your junior and senior years of school. Jenna was very interested in that, as it allowed for more barn time. After she graduated high school, she stuck around for one more year to complete her final year as a youth rider, and her associates degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Upon completion, she left for the University of Findlay to work toward a degree in Equine Science with a focus in English Riding.

It was there she was approached to work on a photo shoot for a near by farm. It was through Jenna’s experience in grooming for Showmanship, as well as her ability to braid and band that she was offered the chance. It was only upon arrival that she realized that she was going to be working on a photo shoot for her favorite Quarter Horse stallion ever, Indian Artifacts. He was located at the premier breeding facility DeGraff Stables, he was owned by the farms owner Robin DeGraff.

This was Jenna’s first experience with young horses (under that age of 3), as well as stallions. She was in love! The Indian Artifacts babies were incredibly intuitive and communicative. This is where she was really able to learn and hone her craft of animal communication, among all of her skills as a equine professional. So after starting work in Port Clinton, Ohio, Robin informed her that they would be moving to Kentucky. Jenna’s heart said she must go too. So after one year at the University of Findlay, Jenna moved with DeGraff Stables down to Midway, Kentucky to get her first taste of the Bluegrass.

The existing property where the farm moved to was called Liberty Farm. It was at Liberty Farm that Jenna would grow and learn, then grow and learn some more. For almost nine years DeGraff Stables and its affiliates would allow Jenna a safe place to learn and grow as a horsewoman. Working to create young horses that would become life partners for Amateur riders. It was in 2016 that chapter would come to a close.

It was also in 2016 she would meet her husband Tim Mayer. She had felt a very powerful calling that he was the one. He was living in Frankfort, Kentucky but originally a native Clevelander. He is a lover of horses, and a recreational rider himself. They were really able to get to know each other and bond over a beautiful trip to the outer banks with Jenna’s best friend and their family. After riding on the beach and enjoying her friends and their family so easily together she knew he was the one. It was only 8 months later they were married in a small ceremony in their back yard. Through the ups and downs of life they have been able to stay strong in their love and are looking forward to spending a lifetime together.

Jenna was then fortunate enough to be able to work for someone she really enjoyed, David Warner. If you don’t know, being a horse trainer can be incredibly grueling, but we love it. So Jenna was able to keep the horses fit for David so he could have some much needed time away. These were incredibly nice horses owned by some incredibly nice people. It was at this time unbeknownst to Jenna that the universe would begin her realignment to heading toward the direction of The Equimist.

Jenna then took a farm managing position a farm adjacent to the one she had been working at. It was at this farm she learned everything she was truly capable of. It was also where she learned that she was not creating through her own authenticity. That she was creating from a space of ancestral and societal pressure. So as she watched everything fizzle around her, her gifts get stripped away. Her livelihood disappeared. It was only there, at the bottom, that she was able to be enlightened to what we are really here to do on this planet. We are here to heal. She always knew but never kept at the forefront of her mind that horses were put in her life by god’s grace to heal her. Her gifts were returned to her through God’s grace with several rules in place.

Do not race toward the finish line. For the most beautiful moments happen in the slow. Healing takes time, do not add more injury than you can make up in one lifetime. Mistakes happen, but be slow enough to identify them. It is the animals and the land that teach us the pace in which we need to travel. We will come to a moment in time where we will realize that healing needs to be the priority above all else. We are to use the gifts of those that know how to use them. It is through them more and more will awaken to be able to use theirs. This will grow a network to be able to heal our planet.

Jenna believes that there are a large amount of people who realize this and are shifting their lives accordingly. It is a very happy and exciting time in our existence. We get to reflect, to then take things in our ancestral lineage and turn them into light. We have a lot of trauma in our DNA and now is the time to clean it up. Jenna is very excited to offer the gifts she has uncovered, both the more ethereal gifts as well as the grounded ones, to help people on Earth heal so we may have a brighter future for us and our littles.

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