No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.
Herman Melville

Who We Are

Our mission at the Equimist is to bring love, light, and unity for all of our brothers and sisters with passion and compassion. We do this by relaying the messages given to us by our loving animal companions and so much more! We are committed to our four legged friends to help our human friends in the best ways possible🦄

What We Do

At The Equimist, we offer our intuitive gifts and otherwise to the world to expand the mind, body, and soul. By offering Animal Communication sessions, Reiki, Life Coaching Sessions, Horsemanship Classes, and Organic Whatever you Need Sessions with Horses, our goal is for you to reach your goals. We also strive for you to learn to maintain consistency in your manifestations to live a happy life from your soul and not your ego. There is definitely peace on the other side of the ego😉 As well as big happy manifestations!

We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving friends and neighbors, near or far — whether they have two legs, or four.

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